Spring Start-Up
Inlet Marine
4-850 Barnet Hwy.
Port Moody, BC

Service Description

The annual spring service and inspection in preparation for the new boating season is possibly the single most important service of the year. Depending on the boat and the variety of systems you will want a comprehensive inspection of all systems to ensure everything is operating properly to prevent problems that could keep your boat off the water once the season us underway.

Our Spring Startup by our Marine Technicians - Includes:

  • Testing battery systems - charging/replacement as required.
  • Check all fluid levels to ensure proper levels and replace old/dirty fluids as necessary.
  • Start and run engine to ensure there are no leaks and the belts and hoses are not loose or cracked.
  • Test running lights, system pumps, cabin lights and electronics start up and are functioning properly.

Also Available to Start-up Water Systems

  • Inspect hose fittings for leaks and proper fitting.
  • Purge systems of antifreeze and flush till water runs clear. 
  • Ensure Galley, Head & External pump systems operate properly.