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Service Description

In our mild climate, many people ask "Do I really need to winterize?" the answer is simply and certainly YES. Protecting your engine(s) and vessel systems from freezing is only part of what a good winterization package does.

Winterizing not only protects your engine from freeze damage it also prevents other damage that can result from extended periods without running.

Oil Change

Engine oil should be replaced at least once per year regardless of engine hours so when faced with the choice of spring or fall oil service we always recommend fall. This is because used oil accumulates water and combustion deposits that turn the oil acidic and cause corrosion to internal engine components. Fresh oil will not deteriorate over the off season so your motor is ready to go in the spring.

Stabilize Fuel

Gasoline deteriorates over time this deterioration can be minimized by using a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer must be run through the entire fuel system so that everything is protected. Without treatment, the more volatile components in the gasoline evaporate leaving behind gum and varnish that clog up the tiny passages in your fuel system. The rest of the fuel mixture can react with oxygen in the air leaving behind stale gas that can damage your engine or possibly cause it not to run at all.

Flush Cooling System

Almost all marine engines use the water they run in to cool all or parts of the cooling system. Running in fresh or salt water leaves deposits in your cooling system that can solidify and cause corrosion if left inside the cooling passages during storage. We flush the raw water side of your cooling system then after draining pump it full of a non-toxic antifreeze to remove the air and further reduce any corrosion.

“Fog” The Cylinders

Running a special oil through the engine while it’s running coats the cylinder walls, valves pistons and all other components inside the combustion chamber with a light film of oil protecting them from corrosion.

Freezing of an improperly or not drained engine will cause immediate catastrophic and expensive damage. Neglecting the other critical items causes a slow deterioration of components. After as few as 4 or 5 seasons this deterioration can significantly impact performance and fuel economy.